Council Seeks To Close Pension Loophole

Councilman Frank DiCicco wants to close a pension loophole that allows city workers to count years of service in other municipalities toward their benefit.

The loophole has drawn criticism recently because it would allow Managing Director Camille Barnett, who will leave city government in June after two years, to pay about $120,000 into the city plan to receive an annual pension of $49,880.

DiCicco today is introducing legislation that would require five years of consecutive city service before a worker could enter the pension system. The legislation would be effective July 1 and would not impact Barnett.

“People can game the system,” DiCicco said. “This is not an attack on [Barnett]. This is a way of us being prudent.”

Harrisburg has taken notice of the perk as well. State Sen. Larry Farnese is drafting similar legislation on the state level.