Council, Administration Close On Biz Trash Fee Compromise

Looks like City Council and the administration are close to revising the $500 trash fee for small businesses, included in the Mayor's budget this year.

Councilman Frank DiCicco today introduced legislation that would reduce the fee to $150 and include small apartment buildings among those taxed. Currently, the bill says it would cover landlords with six or more units in a building, but DiCicco said ultimately he'd like to revise the bill to include landlords with two or three units.

If all those landlords are included, DiCicco said about 47,000 entities will be taxed, which should capture the $7 million that the original tax was expected to raise annually.

The $500 trash fee was part of Mayor Nutter’s compromise budget with City Council. The original fee would have applied to 15,000 small businesses. Council balked at the fee and introduced legislation to repeal it. The city has not yet implemented the fee.

DiCicco said he thinks this is a good compromise.

"I'd like it to be zero," he said. "I think it spreads the pain around, if you will. I think it's a reasonable fee."