CouncilWatch: Week Five

Ok, it’s week five of CouncilWatch and even we’re getting a little weary, but here goes:

This morning we found Curtis Jones Jr., Jannie Blackwell and Anna Verna in City Hall. Brian O’Neill and Blondell Reynolds Brown weren’t around when we stopped by, but were in the building later in the day and caught up with us.

Maria Quinones-Sanchez was in her office, but in a meeting. And staffers for Bill Green and Bill Greenlee said they were in the office today, but we missed them.

Wilson Goode Jr. was not in his office but emailed to say he was reviewing whether local banks were complying with the city’s fair lending and community reinvestment laws. He is also helping the City Council of Los Angeles draft similar legislation. Frank Rizzo was not in his office, but also chatted with us by phone.

Frank DiCicco, Jim Kenney, Donna Reed Miller, Joan Krajewski, Marion Tasco, Jack Kelly and Darrell Clarke were not in when we stopped by.