Council unveils Budget Center website

City Council, which is in the middle of its annual gauntlet of departmental budget hearings, today released a nifty new website compiling Mayor Nutter's proposed spending and testimony from agency heads. 

The Council Budget Center also includes the mayor's budget address, his capital budget proposal and Council's schedule for budget hearings.

One agency that does not get a public hearing on its budget is City Council - a pracitce that causes the good-government group Committee of Seventy to call for more transparency every year

The only information on Council's budget included in the new website is a table listing proposed appropriations per spending class. It does not break down spending for the 17 different Council offices or explain what any of the proposed costs pay for. 

It's similar to the information provided in Council's one-page "detail" in the city's thousand-page budget proposal. That document comes along with a page reading, "City Council did not supply matching budget detail prior to the printing deadline."