Council pumps brakes on Nutter's $ request to cover raises for nonunion workers

City Councilman Wilson Goode Jr. decided last week to hold up two bills sponsored by the Nutter administration including one that would have transferred $6 million to several departments to cover raises for the city's nonunion workers.

Another bill would have shifted $5.4 million to the First Judicial District for various revenue sharing agreements, but Goode said that did not include $450,000 FJD wanted to increase the pay for probation officers, which include members of District Council 47. (District Councils 33 and 47 have been without a contract since 2009.)

Council could have voted on both bills last week, but for now Goode said those measures will sit until the administration agrees to set aside some cash to cover raises for probation officers. Goode also wants an explanation as to why raises were granted to nonunion workers without the money to pay for it.

"I'm trying to break bad habits," Goode said.

In October, the Nutter administration gave nonunion and exempt workers a 2.5 percent wage increase as part of a number of work-rule changes that included significant employee givebacks on pension and health-care costs and the possibility of furloughs. The move was seen as a way to pressure the city's municipal unions --who were offered a similar package--into a contract.

After angry union members prevented Mayor Nutter from delivering his budget address to Council in March, members have expressed frustration with the contract stalemate. 

Mayoral spokesman Mark McDonald said last week the administration will talk to the Councilman about his concerns.