Council lacks votes to override Nutter's veto of paid sick-leave legislation

Councilman Bill Greenlee just acknowledged that he doesn't have the votes to override a mayoral veto of legislation that would require most Philadelphia businesses to provide paid sick leave.

But he pledged not to give up.

"I know right now we don’t have 12 votes, but I say to the advocates, please hang in there, we’re going to make it happen," Greenlee said.

Nutter vetoed the bill in June, arguing that it would put an undue burden on city businesses and would hurt job creation during tough economic times. The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce lobbied heavily against the legislation, sponsored by Greenlee and Councilman Darrell Clarke.

Under the legislation, businesses with 11 or more employees would have to allow workers to earn up to seven sick days a year. Companies with 10 or fewer workers would have to offer four sick days.

"Mom and pop" stores with five or fewer workers were excluded from the bill after small-business owners complained that it would be financially disastrous.

Greenlee has been a passionate advocate for the legislation. This morning he distributed a letter to colleagues, noting that paid-sick leave laws have passed in San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC.

“Philadelphians should never have to chose between getting paid or taking care of themselves or being a good parent to their sick child,” said the letter, signed by Greenlee and Clarke.