Council approves more $ for Parks and Rec, other programs

City Council approved a bill to transfer more cash to city departments including Parks and Recreation.

The city ended the 2012 fiscal year with $49 million more than expected due in part to an extra wage tax payment and several department payroll surpluses.
Council and the Nutter administration agreed to restore some items that were included during the budget process in the spring, but were eventually removed.
“At one point during the budget process it was included, but it got pulled out. We took the opportunity to revisit it,” said Rob Dubow, the city’s finance director.
Several Council members were vocal about allocating additional funds to Parks and Recreation which will now receive $2.675 million toward increased facility maintenance, said Rebecca Rhynhart, city’s budget director. Council also supported allocating more money to the Office of Supportive Housing which will get $3 million for additional beds for abused women.
Meanwhile the administration had pushed for additional dollars to go to a few departments during the spring budget cycle including the Managing Director’s Office which is set to get nearly $2 million, some of which will go toward the CLIP program to assist in neighborhood clean-up and $800,000 toward a new antiviolence initiative. The Office of Fleet Management will get $500,000 for extra vehicles including police cars. The Streets Department will get $2.563 million mostly for snow removal and a small portion for a jobs program.