Council aides arrested for possible DUI involving city cars

Note: This post has been updated with additional information.

Two City Council aides were arrested this morning and charged with drunk driving -- and both were operating city vehicles.

The episdoe began at about 2:30 a.m. when Robin Jones -- a Council receptionist -- crashed into a pole and and then a building at the corner of 13th and Hamilton streets, said police spokeswoman Tanya Little. Jones' blood alcohol levels tested above the legal limits for operating a vehicle. Then Jones contacted another Council staffer, sergeant-at arms Rodney Williams, who came to the accident site and also appeared intoxicated. He too tested above the legal alcohol limit.

Both Jones and Williams were charged with drunk driving, Little said. No injuries were reported.

Council President Darrell Clarke released a statement, saying Little and Williams did not have permission to use city vehicles. He pledged “appropriate action” after a police investigation is complete.

"These acts, if confirmed by the authorities, display a level of conduct and disregard for public safety that cannot be tolerated," Clarke said in the statement.

City Council has three pool cars for staff, said Clarke’s spokeswoman Jane Roh. Roh said the two staffers arrested did not receive permission from the President's office on Friday to drive any of those vehicles.

Of the 17 Council members, 11 have a city car, according to an Inquirer report earlier this year. Those with cars are Kenyatta Johnson, Dennis O'Brien, David Oh, Jannie Blackwell, Curtis Jones, Darrell L. Clarke, Maria Quiñones Sánchez, Marian B. Tasco, Brian O'Neill, Bill Greenlee, and Blondell Reynolds Brown.