Could Rendell cast a superdelegate vote for Obama?

Governor Ed Rendell -- who has endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Presidential Primary -- says he will look at the primary results in Pennsylvania before casting his superdelegate vote.

Asked if he would still support Clinton if Sen. Barak Obama wins Pennsylvania, Rendell said he'd have to look at the numbers.

"It if was 51-49, I might. But if it was 60-40, I wouldn't," Rendell said.

A recent poll showed Clinton leading Obama in the Keystone State by just 6 points, down from a double digit lead just a few weeks ago. 

Of course, it's hard to know if the primary battle will continue until  the April 22 Pennsylvania primary. Or if it will drag out until the Democratic Convention, where superdelegates like Rendell could cast deciding votes.

Ex-President Bill Clinton -- who is in Philadelphia today -- has said that Hillary Clinton's campaign needs victories in the Tuesday primaries in Ohio and Texas to remain viable.

Rendell echoed Clinton's statements in today's Washington Post.  But he said today that he thought Clinton could still pull out victories.

"I actually think she's going to win both states," he said. 

Rendell and Mayor Nutter will meet with Clinton today to talk Pennsylvania strategy. 

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