Corruption Trial Tallies Divorce Legal Bills

Divorce is difficult.  So imagine going through a divorce, getting indicted on federal corruption charges and then sitting in a courtroom as your former divorce attorney and a prosecutor page through your expanding legal bills while a jury ponders your fate.  That's the kind of afternoon Chris Wright, the former chief of staff for City Councilman Jack Kelly is having.

Prosecutors say Wright was bribed in part with free legal work on his divorce from Andrew Teitelman, Kelly's campaign treasurer, after Wright gave up on an expensive attorney.  The first attorney, now testifying, burned through Wright's $5,000 retainer in under two months.  Wright's bill rose to more than $6,700 before he terminated her services.

Wright's estranged wife has told the Daily News she was interviewed four times in 2007 by FBI agents investigating his relationship with Teitelman and brothers Hardeep and Ravinder Chawla, two real estate developers.  Teitelman, a friend of Wright's, represents many of the Chawla family businesses.