Corbett Wins The Battle For Hometown Endorsements

Tom Corbett [right] won endorsements from both Pittsburgh newspapers in the race for governor against Dan Onorato [left]

State Attorney General Tom Corbett, the Republican nominee for governor, has won the endorsements of both newspapers in Pittsburgh. That's got to sting for the Democratic nominee, Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato, who has also served as the local county controller and on Pittsburgh City Council. Corbett was born in Philadelphia but grew up and lives in Allegheny County.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sided with Corbett yesterday with an endorsement that roamed from the familiar start of the Bible's Ecclesiastes 3 [For everything, there is a season...] and then lurched into a fiscal take on Ghostbusters.

"But this is a different season. And with the ghosts of present and future deficits shrieking in the hallways of Harrisburg, who are you going to call? Dan Onorato, who carries the same Democratic brand? Or Tom Corbett, the Republican, who offers the best chance of a fresh approach from top to bottom?"

That followed the endorsement from last Sunday of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, which like the Post-Gazette, warned that Onorato would continue the budget practices of Gov. Rendell.

"Your pocketbook, your brain and your gut tell you all you need to know -- things are rotten in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And it begins at the top, with the governor."