Corbett Leads Onorato, Strong With Independents, Poll Shows

State Attorney General Tom Corbett's lead over Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato in the Nov. 2 general election for governor is holding steady, with healthy support coming from independent voters, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released this morning.  Corbett, a Republican, leads Democrat Onorato 44-37 percent, the poll said.  Corbett was leading Onorato 43-37 percent in the last poll on May 13.

The poll found that independent voters support Corbett by a margin of 44-29 percent while 86 percent of his party's voters were backing him.  Onorato has support from 69 percent of the state's Democratic voters.

You can review the poll results here.  One interesting factor that could shape the debate going forward:  About half of the voters polled support the controversial new immigration law passed in Arizona and think Pennsylvania should follow suit while 60 percent disagree with the Obama administration's lawsuit to block that new state law.