Corbett Calls Christie His 'Role Model' In Victory Speech

Governor-elect Tom Corbett, delivering a victory speech in Pittsburgh, just called New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie his "role model" for moving forward on the state's troubled budget and the public employee pension system.  Corbett, who thanked Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato for a "spirited debate," said he would work to make Pennsylvania more attractive for business investment.

“I will be working closely, with the House and the Senate, the Republicans and Democrats, to make that new Pennsylvania move forward and make Pennsylvania number one," Corbett said. “We will provide the courage to make the very tough decisions on the challenges we face about out economy and our pensions.”

Corbett holds a nearly 9-point lead over Onorato with 98 percent of the vote tallied.  Unofficial state reports show that nearly 3.8 million Pennsylvanians voted in the race.