Controller Accuses Opponent of 'Karl Rove Tactics'

A letter dropped in our mailbox this week from City Controller Alan Butkovitz, who apparently is more than a little worried about his challenger in the Democratic primary, Brett Mandel.

In the screed, Butkovitz says he is being hit by a "barrage of false attacks" from Mandel. He goes on to ask supporter to reject Mandel's "negative campaign." "Reckless demagoguery that divides people for the sake of political advantage is a Karl Rove tactic that we should all reject," Butkovitz writes.

Rove tactics? Here's what we've got: Mandel has accused Butkovitz of not conducting all the city audits required of the controller. According to Butkovitz, since taking office in 2006, he has tripled the number performance audits done each year. 

Does Mandel's effort come anywhere close to the style of Rove, known for being a master of negative campaigning? If anything, we think Butkovitz is giving the guy too much credit.