Rep. LoBiondo denounced Trump, then voted for ... Trump

Last month, U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, a New Jersey Republican, denounced Donald Trump — for obvious reasons — and said he would write in a vote for Indiana Gov. Mike Pence:

 "Saying this election has been incredibly disappointing is an understatement," LoBiondo said. "I have repeatedly and strongly spoken out against Mr. Trump when he degrades and insults women, minority groups, and Gold Star military families. I will not vote for a candidate who boasts of sexual assault. It is my conclusion that Trump is unfit to be president."

But intrepid staff reporter Amy S. Rosenberg learned today that LoBiondo apparently had another change of heart. Yesterday. Just in time!

LoBiondo spokesman Jason Galanes confirms: "He did vote for him. He decided yesterday he would vote for him."

About a month ago, "details" about Trump's comments changed his mind. But he decided in the end to vote for Trump, Galanes said.

"His disappointment and anger over Trump's words stands, but Secretary Clinton is 100 percent unacceptable to be president," Galanes said.

So Rosenberg went on over to LoBiondo's house in Ventnor to ask about this vote. LoBiondo nearly lost his side-view mirror trying to get away. With his two dogs (Weimaraners) in the back seat.

We'll take that as a no comment, Congressman?