Committee of Seventy Updates Polling Place Problems

Here's the latest from Committee of Seventy on polling place problems today:

We are starting to get more complaints of improper electioneering (e.g., handing out campaign literature inside the polls or within the “10 foot” barrier) within the contested state Representative Districts, including Districts 194, 190, 180 and 181, than in other areas of the city. See our Featured Races page to read more about these contests.

Earlier in the day, gubernatorial candidate Tony Williams’ campaign successfully enjoined the distribution of sample ballots in some divisions within the 190th district that incorrectly listed Dan Onorato (instead of Williams) as the Democratic City Committee’s endorsed candidate. This angered Vanessa Brown’s campaign since she, too, was named on the confiscated sample ballots (although she was properly listed as the Democratic city Committee’s endorsed candidate).

More problems with write-in votes: In Germantown’s 59th ward/21st division, a voting machine was “gummed up” so that no one can write in a challenger. The machine inspector is collecting write-in stickers and has promised to total them up at the end of the day.

Finally, we are checking out a number of reports from the Sestak campaign of improper electioneering.