Committee of Seventy Calls for Greene's Resignation

Here's the release:

PHILADELPHIA – August 25, 2010 – Zachary Stalberg, President and CEO of the non‐partisan Committee of
Seventy, urged Carl R. Greene to resign as Executive Director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority before
tomorrow’s meeting of the PHA Board of Directors.

“Greene’s ability to continue to lead PHA is thoroughly compromised,” Stalberg said, citing in particular four
claims of sexual harassment involving employees and his failure to report either the complaints or the cash
settlements, which include payment of a $150,000 deductible from PHA’s public dollars, to the agency’s Board.

“Rather than put the Board in the untenable position of firing him, which now appears inevitable, he should
take the more honorable step by resigning.”

Stalberg added that, “Without the distraction of whether Carl Greene should stay or go, the Board can focus
on larger issues, such as strengthening internal policies to ensure that the same problems don’t happen in the

Stalberg emphasized that Seventy’s call for Greene’s resignation is unrelated to any personal problems that are
unconnected to his performance or behavior at PHA. “Especially in this economic climate, the public
understands that public officials are human and have issues like everyone else. But empathy quickly turns to
anger when their dollars are used to settle sexual harassment claims.” he explained.

Stalberg added that “attempting to hang on in the face of the troubling allegations from PHA contractors and
employees that are continuing to come out” is already overshadowing Greene’s considerable accomplishments
at PHA. “Leaving now would demonstrate that he cares more about restoring the public’s trust in PHA than
about saving his own job.”