Clarke tweaks zoning proposal related to parking requirements

City Council has been tweaking the new zoning code since it went into effect in August. One change proposed by Council president Darrell Clarke that would have required developers to provide parking in some residential and mixed-use areas did not sit well with developers and some Council members.


Clarke said that parking is a major concern for longtime residents in the area surrounding Temple University and after some of his Council colleagues raised concerns, he amended the bill Thursday so that it applies only to the area bounded by 9th street, Girard Avenue, 20th street and Lehigh Avenue.


However, critics have said that Council should wait a year before proposing major changes to the new zoning code.


“One of the concerns in that area is the inability to park from local residents,” Clarke said.  “There’s a significant increase in student housing and yes students do in fact bring cars. It’s very difficult at times for residents who live in that area and the ability to find parking. So we were requiring above a certain level that those developers provide off street parking.”