Clarke pushes for revenue generator office

A day after Mayor Nutter named seasoned crisis manager Thomas Knudsen chief revenue collections officer; Council president Darrell Clarke introduced a proposal to create a chief revenue generator office.


Clarke said he has been in discussions with the Nutter administration for the last two years on new ways to generate money other than through tax hikes including a proposal for municipal marketing which has been at a standstill. But he says he has talked about these measures until he’s “blue in the face.”

“There are a number of ways to generate revenue other than traditional sources as it relates to taxing individuals. We need to be creative it’s not rocket science,” Clarke said, adding that it could help with lower the rate on property-taxes and the underfunded pension fund. “What I’d like to see is someone responsible for implementing these various proposals.”

Revenue generation has been a hot topic in light of the city’s new property-tax system, the Actual Value Initiative –an effort to correct a terribly flawed system under which some residents will see spikes to their tax bills.