City's 3-1-1 System is Year Old

Mayor Nutter today held a press conference to mark the one-year anniversary of the city's 3-1-1 non-emergency call line.

During the session, Managing Director Camille Barnett said the city needs to invest in technology that costs $5 million to $7 million to properly update the system. But Barnett and Nutter would not commit to definitely putting that money in the next city budget.

For some stats on what they've done this year, here's the release:


Philadelphia, January 5 – Today Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Managing Director Dr. Camille Barnett, and 311 Call Center Director Rosetta Carrington Lue celebrated the first anniversary of 311, a single point of access for Philadelphians who need to find out information or to receive a Philadelphia City service. Beyond providing greater customer service, 311 also increases internal and external government accountability by compiling data on the request for and delivery of City services. This data is then tracked and analyzed so efficiencies can be identified in City operations and funding can be more carefully targeted to what residents want and need.

In its first year of its two year roll-out the 311 Contact Center already enjoyed several success including:
Received 1.2 million calls
Processed more than 60,000 city department service requests.
Welcomed 9,900 visitors to walk-in facilities.
Answered calls within 16-seconds on average
Placed the 311 knowledge base online so everyone can access it
Received a customer satisfaction rating of 89 percent [based on 1,024 post call surveys].

“While still a new program, 311 is reasserting customer service as the foundation of City Government. Now all
Philadelphians can access information or City services through a single number,” said Mayor Nutter. “While 1.2 million callers have already learned that no matter whom you are, you can get help easily, I look forward to serving even more customers of Philadelphia next year.”

311 callers, walk-ins, and email customers receive a tracking number, allowing them to follow-up on their service request. They are given a specific time frame in which to expect the service to be provided so that they have clear expectations of when and how their request will be answered.

“By clarifying customer service standards and streamlining the service order process, 311 has improved the way information and City services are provided to residents, businesses, and visitors,” said Managing Director Dr. Camille Barnett. “I look forward to capitalizing of the successes of 311’s first year to work towards our continuous goal of providing City services that are smarter, faster, and better.”

“Within the past year, 311 has made its own internal improvements based on operational experience, citizen and stakeholder feedback to better service its customers,” said 311 Call Center Director Carrington-Lue. “The next year will be no different. Philly311 will continue to drive solutions to help make the City of Philadelphia the best place to live, work, and visit.”

311 can be reached via the telephone from 8am-8pm on weekdays and 9am-5pm on Saturdays or via the walk-in centered located in Room 167 of City Hall during normal business hours. 311 is a free service available to anyone who needs to know more about Philadelphia, City services, or general information. 911 is still the number to use in case of emergency.