City Still Deciding How To Spend $13.5 Million In Federal Funding

As the Daily News told you Saturday, the city is receiving $13.5 million in federal grant money to help pay for law enforcement costs.  Mayor Nutter held a press conference this morning with U.S. Sen. Bob Casey and U.S. House members Allyson Schwartz and Bob Brady to talk about the funding, which is part of $2 billion being distributed to states, counties and cities across the country.

Nutter said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and Everett Gillison, deputy mayor for public safety, are still trying to determine how the money will be spent.  Nutter was not sure when those decisions would be ready for public disclosure.  The money comes in "one-time dollars," so the city has to be careful to spend it in ways that don't create a need in the five-year financial plan for reoccurring funding.

"When you get these one-time dollars you have to be very careful with what you invest them in," Nutter said. "I mean, I’m very happy. I’m not complaining. I’m very happy to have the $13.5 million."

Click here to see the White House fact sheet on how other cities, counties and states are spending their share of the law enforcement grants.