City Seeking Applicants For New Parks & Recreation Commission

Mayor Nutter and City Council members Blondell Reynolds Brown and Darrell Clarke just kicked off the application process for people interested in serving on the city's new Commission on Parks & Recreation.  That new advisory board will set standards and guidelines for the new city Department of Parks and Recreation.  Voters in November approved a city Charter change to create that department by merging the Department of Recreation with the Fairmount Park Commission.

Applications for the new commission's 15 posts -- with nine appointed by the mayor chosen from nominations provided by Council and six from existing city posts -- are due no later than March 9.  The application can be found on the city's main Internet page.

Nutter had a good chuckle when asked if the process was being politicized because applicants have to be vetted in a City Council public hearing and then selected by the mayor.  Previously, the city Board of Judges appointed Fairmount Park Commission members in what Nutter called a "Kremlin-like process."

"None of this has ever happened before," Nutter said of the public steps announced today. "I think this is a much more open and transparent process."