City Restructures Waterfront Agency

Following through on a promise from last June, Mayor Nutter today re-invented the Penn's Landing Corp., which dissolved itself and was replaced by the new Delaware River Waterfront Corp.  The new entity, Nutter promises, will be more open to the public and expand its focus to cover more of the water front.

You can read Nutter's announcement after the jump.


Establishment of new group fulfills objectives of Action Plan for the Central Delaware

Philadelphia, January 30 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter has appointed members to the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC), the new organization which has replaced the Penn’s Landing Corporation.

“To fulfill our shared hope of a walkable, accessible and sustainable Delaware River waterfront, we need a new visionary institution to provide the best planning, development and management of our priceless waterfront resource,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter. “The new Delaware River Waterfront Corp. will be an open and transparent body. It will be the catalyst to attract quality investment and to make the central Delaware an exciting destination in the region. Leading this new non-profit will be a diverse group of dedicated volunteers with a broad base of experience and the skill to undertake the critical task of renewing our waterfront.”

The establishment of the DRWC achieves the objectives outlined by PennPraxis, in conjunction with the Central Delaware Advocacy Group, in An Action Plan for the Central Delaware: 2008-2018. The Action Plan calls for the establishment of an “open, accountable, effective waterfront manager”, a reformed Penn’s Landing Corporation with the powers to rapidly and effectively transform the riverfront. The establishment of the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation achieves just that.

The new sixteen member organization chaired by Andrew Altman, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Planning, was created today at a special meeting of the Penn’s Landing Corporation Board of Directors led by Mayor Nutter. The board voted to dissolve the Penn’s Landing Corporation and create the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation.

The DRWC will be dedicated to the planning, design, development, and management of the central Delaware waterfront. It will drive high quality investment and improvements, create a vibrant asset for the whole city, and extend Philadelphia to the river’s edge. The new body, established after many years of planning and hard work by residents and stakeholders, will work with city, state, and federal agencies to leverage the necessary support and investment to realize the City’s vision for the central Delaware.

The DRWC will adopt the Sunshine Act meaning that its operations will be open, transparent, and accountable to the public, another recommendation from the Action Plan. Board meetings will be open, financial report, annual reports, and all other information will be published on the new DRWC website:

Board members

Ex-officio Directors

Andrew Altman (Chair) – Commerce Director and Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development

Alan Greenberger – Executive Director, Philadelphia City Planning Commission

Bill Wilson – Principal-in-Charge, Synterra Ltd.

Mayoral Appointees

Rina Cutler – Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Public Utilities

Diane Dalto Woosnam – Chairman, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Avi Eden – Consultant with a background in finance and law

Terry Gillen – Executive Director, Redevelopment Authority & Senior Advisor to the Mayor for Economic Development

Jay Goldstein – President and CEO, Valley Green Bank

Bill Hankowsky - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Property Trust

Michael Hauptman, AIA - Partner, Brawer & Hauptman Architects

Alan Hoffman – President, Vitetta Architects/Engineers

William R. Miller, IV – CEO, Ross Associates, Inc.

Donn Scott – Sales Director, Wachovia Bank

Marilyn Jordan Taylor – Dean, PennDesign

Ellen Yin - Co-Owner, Fork Restaurant and Bar, Fork:etc

Mario Zacharjasz, AIA - Co-founder and principal, PZS Architects, LLC; President of Puente Construction Enterprises, Inc.