City Responds to BRT Lawsuit

The Nutter administration yesterday fired back against a lawsuit filed by five board members for the Board of Revision of Taxes, who are trying to halt efforts to abolish the BRT.

On May 18, Philly residents will be asked to vote on legislation that would abolish the BRT and establish two new agencies in its place. The board members' suit, filed with the state Supreme Court, argues that the city lacks the authority to make that move.

In their legal response, the city provides several counter-arguments -- among them that the BRT lacks the authority to file suit and that City Council does have the power to abolish the BRT. The city asks the court to dismiss the suit.You can read the entire filing here.

The BRT came under fire last year in a series by the Inquirer, which depicted a legacy of political patronage and inaccurate assessments at the agency.

Board members are now locked in combat with the administration. This week they refused to extend an agreement that gives assessment powers to the city. Nutter said they were trying to twart reform and said he would send legislation to Council that would transfer the BRT budget to the Finance Department and reduce the board members' salaries.