City Downsizes from Six Core Goals to Four

So in Mayor Nutter's first budget, he listed six core service areas that he pledged would be the focus of his administration. They were: 1) public safety, 2) education, 3) jobs and economic development, 4) healthy and sustainable community, 5) ethics and customer service and 6) a high performing government. The six goals were listed on the handouts distributed at PhillyStat data tracking sessions and even printed on cards.

Cut to today's PhillyStat meeting on the budget crisis. In the handouts passed around by the city, there were just four goals: 1) sound finances, 2) safe city, 3) smart population and 4) excellent service. We asked Managing Director Camille Barnett about the switch and she said the goals were just condensed "to make it more memorable."

And what about the cards? "They'll have to be reprinted," Barnett said.