City will pay for portion of slain cop's funeral plus benefits

Updated: To include additional information

Nearly three weeks after the shooting death of Police Officer Moses Walker Jr., the city has determined the slain cop was on-duty and will pay a portion of the funeral costs plus benefits.

The city had been reviewing whether Walker, who was not in uniform and gunned down on a North Philly street moments after finishing a shift at the 22nd Police District on Aug. 18, was actually on-duty. John McNesby, president of the Fraternal Order of Police argued that he was, adding that Walker pulled his gun. The city agreed.

"Officer Walker was operating under the finest traditions of the Philadelphia Police Department," said Mayoral spokesman Mark McDonald. "His actions were consistent with his role as a police officer and it was determined that he was on-duty and the city is honoring his service."

Mayor Nutter signed off on the decision today. The city will pay $15,000 of the funeral costs, consistent with the city's labor contract, McDonald said. McNesby had estimated that funeral and related costs were $75,000.

“I’m glad that it’s resolved. I just don’t understand why the process couldn’t be done quicker,” said McNesby. “They’ve done the right thing.” McNesby said Walker will be promoted to rank of sergeant.

Additionally, Walker's family will receive other benefits including roughly $420,000 in state and federal benefits related to on-duty deaths, at least $25,000 in city insurance and a service connected death pension which is larger than his regular city pension, McDonald said.