City says all Made In America costs are paid for

Mayor Nutter today announced that concert promoters have paid all city expenses related to the Made in America concert over Labor Day weekend.

Nutter said Live Nation has paid a total of $505,124 for the city costs incurred by the for-profit concert outside the Art Museum, featuring rap mogul Jay-Z. That includes a $200,000 security deposit and a payment today of $305,124.

Nutter did not break down exactly where the money went. The contract for the event - provided by the City Controller's Office - lists estimated costs for city services at $500,000, with the following split: police, $220,000; Fairmount Park, $120,000; emergency medical services, $90,000; sanitation, $60,000; licenses and inspections, $10,000; and health, $1,000.

Nutter said the show was a huge economic boost for the city and let the world know Philadelphia can put on big events.

"There's a lot of interest on both sides to try and have this again," he said.