City property site now has price tags

Buying city-owned property keeps getting easier.

A website launched earlier this year to provide information to the public about the city’s land holdings has been updated to include pricing information, according to Paul D. Chrystie, spokesman for the city office of housing and community development.

You can check out the site here.

In an email, Chrystie said that of the 9,200 properties listed on the site, 7,500 have price tags, all less than $50,000. Some others will later be offered through broker sales and some still require evaluations to determine pricing.

The city’s property site went up in May. Chrystie said the city has received about 750 “expressions of interest” in parcels since then. Now that the pricing is largely complete, the city will negotiate with those interested in properties.

The website -- part of a long-awaited effort to create clear policies for dealing with the vacant land and abandoned buildings that blight many neighborhoods -- provides the opportunity to buy properties held by the Redevelopment Authority, the Department of Public Property and the Philadelphia Housing Development Corp.

The administration is calling this effort a single “front door” to acquire public property. Buyers can make online bids, even though the sales will eventually be handled by the different departments.