City paid $7,363 to send staffers to Democratic Convention with Mayor Nutter

And the public price tag for Mayor Nutter’s trip to the Democratic Convention is in.

Taxpayers paid $7,363.60 to send five staffers with Nutter to the political event in Charlotte, NC, according to mayoral spokesman Mark McDonald. Nutter’s travel and expenses were paid for through his campaign and the U.S. Conference of Mayors, of which he is president.

Mayoral aides Lauren Walker and Tumar Alexander accompanied Nutter, as well as three members of the mayor’s police detail. The tab includes hotels, meals, and airfare or other transit costs for all those people.

McDonald has said this was an appropriate use of city funds because those staffers would be doing city work while at the political event. Back in 2008, Nutter made the same call – with the sign-off of Chief Integrity Officer Joan Markman -- to use city funds to take staffers to the Democratic Convention in Denver.