City White Collar Workers Won't Endorse For Mayor

Mayor Nutter is 0-for-4 in endorsements among the city's unions in his bid for re-election now that District Council 47, which represents white-collar workers, has decided to withhold its endorsement in the May 17 Democratic primary election.  Union president Cathy Scott issued a statement this evening saying Nutter and his opponent, former state legislator and ex-con T. Milton Street, are both flawed.

Scott said many of the union members favored Street but he and Nutter did not win a majority vote for the endorsement.  Street two weeks ago nailed down endorsements from District Council 33, which represents blue-collar workers and the union that represents city firefighters.  The Fraternal Order of Police is also not endorsing a candidate.

After the jump, you can read Scott's statement on the endorsement decision.

DC 47 President Cathy Scott statement:

“AFSCME DC 47 made no endorsement for Mayor in the Primary election. The two principle candidates are flawed – one greatly flawed and in the wrong.

“Mayor Nutter’s proposal, included in his most recent five-year fiscal plan, penalizes union employees who work for the city.

“Mayor Nutter’s proposal of no increase in wages or any worker benefit for an eight-year period is discriminatory – it discriminates across all lines – racial – gender – neighborhood – it targets the few to carry the burden of the many.

“Public employees have shared the Nutter suffering with every other city taxpayer and citizen – the Nutter higher sales and property taxes – the reduction in services.

“They shouldn’t be expected to pay twice.

“Any endorsement of Michael Nutter was made impossible by the actions of Michael Nutter.”

“The Assembly was favorable to Mr. Street’s comments, proposals and commitment to the city and its residents and workers but reached no majority concerning endorsement.

“The Assembly voted not to endorse in the Democratic Mayoralty primary.

“We urge every member, their families and the populace at large to vote in the Primary election.

“We leave the decision of whom to vote for to our members and citizens consciences."