City Council remembers 'Soul Train' host

City Council paid their respects today to the late Don Cornelius, host of TV’s legendary show “Soul Train.”

“I think it was probably, one of the most important television shows that we’ve had an opportunity to see that created racial harmony and brought the races of our country together at a very difficult time in this nation’s history,” said Councilman Jim Kenney. “In addition to that it was the TV show that I actually learned how to dance for real.”

Council president Darrell Clarke joked, “Councilman, I was wondering where you got the wonderful moves from.”

In honor of Cornelius, who died at 75, from a reportedly self-inflicted gunshot wound Kenney had this to say “Don Cornelius, I wish you love, peace and soul.”

And to end Council’s session, majority whip Blondell Reynolds Brown said, “As we move to adjourn, I will ask my Councilmember Jim Kenney to lead us down the soul train line.”