City Council plans to keep you informed about the new Voter ID law

After a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge rejected a bid to block the state’s Voter ID law City Council members are eyeing ways to keep Philadelphians educated on what they need in order to vote in November.

“Along with my Council colleagues, we are vigorously preparing initiatives to get ready for November 6th. The Photo ID law is nothing more than today’s version of poll taxes and grandfather clauses,” said City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. in a news release. “This law’s only objective is to minimize the voices of the elderly, poor, disadvantaged and minorities throughout our Commonwealth.”

Michelle Wilson, Jones’s director of communications said Council is putting together an effort called “BeTheVote” –a campaign to inform people about the Voter ID law. As part of that effort there will be a block party at Shepard Recreation Center on 58th Street near Vine, in Haddington. The date is to be determined, but at the event people will be able to get information on the new Voter ID law and how to register to vote. There will also be entertainment.

Wilson said Council will partner with state representatives, the Mayor’s Youth Commission and the Commission on Aging to keep people informed.

Meanwhile, Council is still working on an effort to help those who need assistance traveling to the nearest PennDot center to obtain the proper ID to vote. Council president Darrell Clarke said late last month that he and other Council members would use their campaign funds to pay for transportation. Those plans are still being worked out.