City Council honors Philly's living legends

This morning City Council honored Philly’s first African-American mayor, a medical practitioner, a high school basketball coach, an educator, a state representative, an ordained minister, president of the Philadelphia Tribune, a former talk show host, a community leader and Philly’s first Poet Laureate for Black History Month.

“In Philadelphia we have so many people who add to the quality of life of Philadelphians,” said Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. who sponsored the resolution to honor those he described as “living legends.”

The honorees included Rev. Dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr. Walter P. Lomax, Bill Ellerbee, Dr. Walter Palmer, state Rep. Louise Williams, Dr. Audrey Bronson, Robert Bogle, Sonia Sanchez, Queen Mother Falaka Fattah, Mary Mason, Sonny Hill, and Gamble & Huff.

The resolution was sponsored by all 17 members of City Council.