City Council holds bill targeted at skateboarding vandals

A group of skateboarders showed up to City Council today and asked the legislative body to hold a bill that would add public artwork and memorials to the city ban on skateboarding on public property and increase fines to $2,000.

And City Council did just that.

Robert Williams, a Temple student and skateboarder said the bill was “unclear and unreasonable. It does not define what artwork encompasses.”

“Any slab of concrete could be construed as artwork,” he told Council today, adding the fines were too high.

The bill sponsored by Councilman David Oh on behalf of the Nutter Administration would hike the fines from $300 to $2,000. Violators could also face up to 90 days in jail.

Council members Jannie Blackwell and Bill Green said the issue needed to be revisited and the bill needed to be clearer. Subsequently, Oh decided to hold the bill.