City Council condemns voter-ID bill

State legislators yesterday approved the controversial voter-ID bill which requires voters to present photo identification.

City Council today passed a resolution sponsored by Councilwoman Cindy Bass condemning the actions of the State Senate. The resolution was approved 15-2 with nay votes from two of the three Republican Councilmen Brian O’Neill and David Oh.

O’Neill said he did not support the voter-ID bill, but “condemning this is a little strong...too strong for me.”

He added that Council depends on state lawmakers for “a lot and need to have a good relationship.”

Bass described the bill as “a terrible piece of legislation.”

“It’s been a waste of taxpayer dollars, a waste of our legislators time,” Bass said. “I don’t believe this is what we asked when we send folks to Harrisburg. I look forward to it being thrown out in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ... so let the lawsuits begin.”

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