City Council anxious to see AVI data

City Council is waiting anxiously for more detailed data on how a shift to a new property-tax system will impact neighborhoods.

“I know the administration said they were going to try and get them to us before our first session, hopefully before the end of the month,” said Councilman Mark Squilla, whose 1st district includes Northern Liberties, Fishtown and Center City –neighborhoods that could be hit hard under a move to a property-tax system based on market values, the Actual Value Initiative (AVI).

Squilla, who led the charge to delay AVI last year, said the administration had previously promised more information before the start of the new year. “It is frustrating we really need to start working on this.”

In December the Nutter administration released data that showed the value of properties citywide is $98.5 billion. Today, Mayor Nutter said he received a preliminary update and that some people will be “pleasantly surprised.”

“I think I would characterize what I’ve seen as nowhere near as bad as what people have been anticipating,” Nutter said, adding that the numbers are all over the place because the current property-tax system was extremely flawed.

Property-owners will receive assessments starting Feb. 15. When asked when Council would receive more information, Nutter said soon.