City Controller: Dangerous conditions persist at some rec centers

FILE PHOTO City Controller Alan Butkovitz is a vocal critic of the implementation of property-tax reform. He's been said to be stirring up fear about the Actual Value Initiative.

A review of the city's Parks and Recreation facilities show that dangerous and hazardous conditions listed in reports previously still persist, according to City Controller Alan Butkovitz.

The report released Wednesday showed that half of 28 sites had fire hazards including blocked off and chained fire exits and expired or non-working fire extinguishers. Other sites had water damage, leaking roofs and exposed wires.

With summer right around the corner, Butkovitz said something needs to be done to fix this.

"These hazards and conditions can cause serious injury and harm to our children," Butkovitz said in a statement. "Management and staff must take all safety measures, especially ensuring that exits are easily acessible in the event of an emergency."