City Commissioner: Corbett not helping on Voter ID

City Commission Chairwoman Stephanie Singer complained Monday evening that Gov. Corbett and the Republican-controlled legislature are making the job of running elections much more difficult by delaying the release of information to help voters comply with a new law requiring them to show state identification at their polling places.  During an appearance on "The War Room," a show hosted by Jennifer Granholm on Current TV, Singer also said Corbett and the legislature "grossly underestimated" the cost of the law, which she called an "unfunded mandate."

"They're not helping us," Singer said during the interview. "They're not really interested."

Granholm, a Democrat who served two terms as governor of Michigan, referred to the law as "Pennsylvania's voter suppression effort."  Corbett and his Republican allies in the General Assembly have claimed the law is designed to catch voter fraud.  Critics counter that the Republicans are really just make it harder for Democrats to vote.

Singer sees a silver lining, telling Granholm the effort could spark voter turn-out in the city.

"Philadelphia has not come out to vote in the past in the way that we can and should," Singer said. "That's why we have a Republican governor and why we have a Republican majority on the courts, which are elected in Pennsylvania."

Information on the new law can be found at