Cindy Bass sides with Tasco for president

As the race for City Council president continues, current and soon-to-be members are picking sides.

Cindy Bass, who was recently elected to take over retiring Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller’s 8th district, said today that she will be supporting Councilwoman Marian Tasco for the top spot.

Bass chose Tasco over challenger Councilman Darrell Clarke because she said women need to be represented in leadership.

“There’s a lot of talk and controversy about the DROP program, however, I decided not to look at any one individual thing,” Bass said. “If Tasco is not included there would not be one woman in leadership.”

Should Clarke win, sources have said Greenlee and Jones would likely get leadership positions.

“Women are the number one voters,” she said. “We need a voice at the table.”

Tasco’s biggest roadblock in her bid for the second most powerful position in the city, is her participation in the Deferred Retirement Option Plan, which drew public ire after elected officials entered the program, ran for re-election and retired for a day to get six-figure pension payments, only to return to office.

Meanwhile, Councilman Jim Kenney is positioning himself as a compromise candidate if neither Clarke nor Tasco can get the requisite nine votes.