Carl Greene Talks

After a week underground, Philadelphia Housing Authority Executive Director Carl R. Greene surfaced today to do an hour-long phone interview with the Daily News, saying "there are two sides to this runaway train." Here are few take-outs:

On his unpaid mortgage: "There’s no logical reason for a person of my capabilities not to be on top of my personal affairs...I can only tell you that a lot of things came in and stacked up...I straightened it out with the bank. I’ve hired an accountant to go through all of my affairs."

On the sexual harassment accusations: "I’ve never at any time made unwanted advances toward [former PHA employee Betsy Helm.] I think I need my day in court...In no case have I done anything inappropriate and I don’t want to suggest PHA is a diff place for young people to work or women to work."

On reports that employees were required to pay for parties and buy him gifts: "I need no gifts, I need nothing. I keep nothing. I live a meager lifestyle. I don’t wear jewelry, I don’t drive expensive cars. I don’t need extravagance or gifts...I haven’t compelled anybody to do anything.

On his vanishing act: "I didn’t go anywhere. The fact is I was embarrassed and humiliated. I needed time for reflection."