Budget Director to Supervise City's Stimulus Funds

In another example of administration belt-tightening, Budget Director Steve Agostini has been tapped to temporarily oversee stimulus funds provided to the city .

The city originally planned to hire a dedicated "recovery officer" to supervise and report on how the city is spending locally allocated funds from President Obama's $787 billion stimulus package. A job description was posted on the city's online contracting website in June and the city said stimulus funds would be used to pay the salary.

But Agostini said there was concern about whether the available stimulus funds would cover the cost of a hire and noted that many felt that this wasn't the best time to take on a new staffer.

"Given what’s happening with our own budget and the economy, we thought let’s absorb this," Agostini said. He said he'll do both jobs until December or  January, at which time the administration hopes to review the situation. Agostini will not get any extra pay for the second gig.