Brown says Nutter uses cops/firefighters to balance budget

Karen Brown, the Republican nominee for mayor, alerted us earlier this week that she was airing a campaign commercial on local television.  Kudos to Dave Davies over at WHYY's Newsworks for getting a copy of the commercial today because we still hadn't seen it.  Brown's novice campaign staff didn't post the ad on its website or on YouTube.

Brown uses the ad to continue her criticism of Mayor Nutter's handling of the city's homicide rate.  In the ad, Brown is standing in front of what looks like a roadside shrine for a murder victim, with a candle, a teddy bear and a couple of signs to poorly lit to be read.

"Is this scene too familiar to you?" Brown asks "It is to me. Every time we let our kids die and our mothers grieve we let our city down. This mayor has used our cops and our firefighters as the way to balance the budget. He has not kept the streets safe for your kids or mine."