Board of Ethics to revise rules regarding Controller's staff

The city Board of Ethics is set to end a workaround that allows some employees at the City Controller's office to skirt city ethics rules.

A small number of workers in the Controller's office have been able to avoid a city ban on political activity because they are paid through the School District. But Board of Ethics Executive Director Shane Creamer today released an opinion from the city solicitor, which said that those workers should be subject to the same rules as all other city employees.

Creamer said the board would reach out to the Controller's office to do training and will seek to enforce the rules moving forward, but would not reprimand anyone for any past behavior.

City Controller Alan Butkovitz said he had been given a copy of the opinion. He said his office now has just five people who are being paid through the district. Butkovitz said he expects them to follow the rules -- and added that he would be happy to move them to the city budget, if he could get the funding.

"My position is whatever the mayor and the city, however they want to fund these positions, that’s ok with me," Butkovitz said.