Black Clergy with Obama

As reported in the Daily News earlier this week, the United Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for president today.

Both Governor Rendell and Mayor Nutter reportedly made personal appeals to the group on behalf of Sen. Hillary Clinton, but to no avail.

On a Clinton campaign conference call earlier today, both Rendell and Nutter insisted Clinton would be the best candidate in a general election -- and cited her support in Pennsylvania as proof. Rendell said the Obama campaign is trying to downplay the significance of the keystone state.

"The Obama campaign's attempts to diminish the importance of this state…make no sense," Rendell said. "It’s a little bit off-putting to all of us."

But Rendell stressed he'd support whoever the Democrats nominate.

"Myself, the mayor, every Pennsylvanian that’s endorsed Sen. Clinton, if Barack Obama is the candidate, we will work our hearts out for him," Rendell said. "But we are much more certain with Sen. Clinton on top of the ticket."