Arts Tax Opponents To Rally Tomorrow

We just got this press release:


Arts Leaders to Rally Against Devastating New Tax 

WHAT: This Friday, Philadelphia arts and civic leaders will rally against the proposed “Arts Tax” on Pennsylvania’s cultural organizations and institutions. 

"Culture is not a single work of art, or a single piece of theatre or dance. Culture is all of us,” said Thom Weaver, a Philadelphia lighting designer spearheading the rally. “Culture is community, culture is working men and women, culture is children, and culture is family. In difficult times, a tax on arts and culture is yet another blow to working men and women trying to support their families. Just as importantly, it's a blow to families who want to learn together, laugh together, cry together, and most of all, be together. We rally to support these families,”

The eleventh-hour proposal to extend the sales tax to arts and culture activities attempts to balance the Commonwealth's budget on the back of one of its most valuable and vulnerable industries. A 6% tax on all admissions, tickets, and subscriptions at Pennsylvania’s nonprofit cultural organizations would yield just under $13 million – less than 13% of the total revenue projected.

WHO: Thom Weaver, Organizer and Lighting Designer

Lois Welk, Director of Dance/USA Philadelphia

Barbara Gregson, Director of Independence Art Studio

Ben Dibble, Local Actor

Arts leaders, supporters and activists

WHEN: Friday, October 2, 2009

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EST

WHERE: Dilworth Plaza

15th and Market Streets (West Side of City Hall)

Philadelphia, PA