Alternate sick-leave bill gets committee-level approval

While a bill requiring that all Philadelphia employers provide earned paid sick leave days was smacked down by Mayor Nutter in June another plan received committee-level approval today.

The Committee on Commerce and Economic Development approved Councilman Wilson Goode’s sick leave bill that would require the city and employers with city contracts, funding or leases to provide earned sick days. 

The following employers would be subject to the bill:

  • For-profit service contractors, which receive or are subcontractors on contracts for $10,000 or more from the City in a twelve-month period, with annual gross receipts of more than $1,000,000.
  • Non-profit service contractors which receive or are subcontractors on contracts from the City of more than $100,000 in a twelve-month period.
  • Recipients of city leases, concessions, or franchises, or subcontractors thereof, which employ more than 25 employees.
  • City financial aid recipients.  Compliance shall be required for a period of five years following receipt of aid.
  • Public agencies which receive contracts for $10,000 or more from the city in a 12-month period.

City Finance Director Rob Dubow warned Council that the bill would impact contracting responsibilities, including costs, available funds, and a possible shrinkage to the pool of contractors.

Meanwhile Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development argued the bill would harm job creation.

Goode asked that Dubow and Greenberger provide data to support their claims.