Al Jazeera Vs. Delco GOP: You Make The Call

It wouldn't be the day after election day without recriminations and disputes about what went down at the polls.  But we really didn't count on a dust-up between Al Jazeera and the Delaware County GOP.   Tom Ackerman, a reporter/producer for Al Jazeera English in Washington D.C. e-mailed this morning to say our blog post yesterday was "grossly misinformed."  The post quoted John McBlain of the Delco GOP saying an Al Jazeera crew seemed perturbed yesterday at the lack of signs for U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter's campaign at a polling place.  Another Delco official told our colleague, Bill Bender, that the crew improperly tried to enter a polling place.

Here's what Ackerman has to say about all that:

"The only "combative" aspect of the incident was the GOP representative's insistence that we were breaking the law by shooting routine voting scenes, none of which violated any law that he could recite, even after calling the County Solicitor. Anyway, we were not perturbed about the lack of Specter lawn signs (or for that matter, any Specter pollwatchers that we could find). We simply made a journalistic observation which may have proved telling."