Administration releases list of recent Mayor's Box attendees

Mayor Nutter's administration today released the names of people who have sat in a "Mayor's Box" at games, concerts and events so far this year. 

Tickets for the city-owned boxes, which are in Citizen's Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field, the Wells Fargo Center, the Mann Center and the Dell Music Center, are distributed under a policy set by Nutter in 2008. The administration publishes the names of attendees periodically.

This release comes weeks after Councilman Jim Kenney announced his desire to have the city lease the boxes to raise money for the beleaguered Philadelphia School District. The administration opposes that proposal.

Some highlights from the release:

- Of the 3,700 Mayor's Box tickets distributed, about 52 percent went to "children from recreation centers, nonprofits and other groups."

- About 24 percent went to city employees and their guests.

- The mayor's daughter, Olivia Nutter, reserved seven tickets for a Maroon 5 concert. 

- The Council members who got tickets for themselves or for guests are Blondell Reynolds-Brown (26), Bill Greenlee (24), Mark Squilla (8), Maria Quinones-Sanchez (6) and David Oh (5). Eight tickets went to staff members in Council President Darrell Clarke's office.

- The Mayor's office raffled off six Phillies tickets at a thank-you party for staffers who volunteered to work evenings during the administration's push to educate residents about the Actual Value Initiative property-tax reform effort.