A New Day, A New Way To Renovate The Mayor's Office

PhillyClout spends a lot of time lurking around City Hall's second floor and we've heard a lot of crashing and banging lately.  That's not surprising since new mayors like to redecorate.  The city's Department of Public Property this week gutted Room 225, which connects through a series of private inner doors to the Mayor's Office.

Mayor Street tinkered with the same room eight years ago.  Street spent about $650,000 in city money to renovate his offices, including the construction of a small personal gym in Room 225.  The gym was torn down this week.  With soaring ceilings and gilded appointments, the impressive space was also used for Street's weekly cabinet meetings and the occasional press conference.

Nutter's plan is more utilitarian -- the space is being converted into five offices and a meeting space.  The cost of the demolition was part of the Department of Public Property's current budget, Nutter spokesman Doug Oliver said. The mayor expects new carpeting and furniture will be donated by private companies, Oliver added, although those details are still being worked out.