AG Tom Corbett Launches First Commercial For Governor

State Attorney General Tom Corbett is up with the first television campaign commercial in the general election race for the Governor's Office and he's clearly trying to suggest two things:  Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato, the Democratic nominee, would be just like Gov. Rendell in running the state and Harrisburg did not expect Corbett to follow through with a corruption investigation that exploded into the "Bonus-gate" case that has seen Democratic and Republican officials and staff in the state House charged with crimes.

It's a hard-hitting ad that runs the risk of giving Onorato some political ammo to fire back.  Corbett's ad touts his signature on a "no tax increase pledge" but just last week he said that does not apply to hikes in state fees, contradicting what he told a Pittsburgh radio station in March.  And in bragging about Bonus-gate, Corbett is sure to bring out critics who have said he should resign from the Attorney General's post while running for governor, lest his current job look like its being used to help him win his next job.